Women in Engineering Graduate Council

The Women in Engineering Graduate Council (WEGC) is a council of 12 female engineering graduate students that represent the top leaders in the OSU graduate engineering program. Our overarching goals are to establish support for women in graduate engineering, to create a comfortable space for discussing issues that are specific to women, and to find concrete solutions to being a woman in this field at the graduate level. 

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Areas of Support & Development for Women Graduate Engineering Students


WEGC strives to provide events and resources to aid in academic development and success for obtaining a graduate degree in engineering. 


Events under this initiative cover topics such as transitioning from academia to industry, job seeking after earning a graduate degree, career planning with regards to family, and so much more.


WEGC believes that mental and physical wellness is an important part of a successful graduate experience. 


Every student should have a support system that includes their peers. All of WEGC's social events are designed for participants to relax and initiate conversations with their peers in a safe and open environment.