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Undergraduate Programs


WiE LC (Women in Engineering Learning Community) is living and learning community that includes an early arrival component and first year seminar course. As a member of the learning community, first year engineering females commit to living in Torres House for the academic year. Students participating in WiE LC will be required to enroll in ENGR 1195, attend regularly scheduled learning community activities, and partake in an early arrival program. WiE LC, sponsored by ArcelorMittal and John Deere, is a great way for participants to meet and network with faculty, alumnae and students from various engineering disciplines. To be eligible for WiE LC, women must be new first-year engineering students entering Autumn at the Columbus campus and be directly admitted into/enrolled in the College of Engineering. CLICK for more information on WiE LC.

Engineering 1195 Seminar

ENGR 1195, is a Women in Engineering seminar offered during Spring Semester. The course is one-credit hour and graded S/U. The purpose of this course is to provide all engineering students with a dynamic, hands-on experience working with engineering professionals, K-12 students and peers.

In this course students will:

  • Hear from experienced professionals in engineering, education, career advisors and dynamic individuals!
  • Visit industry and get to know engineering recruiters.
  • Develop professional skills with resume writing, career fair pointers, and presentations.
  • Develop K-12 activities, demonstrations and practice by doing field work.
  • Learn about research in the STEM education field.